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How to Choose The Best Medigap Plan

Medicare Supplements, also known as Medigap, can be great supplemental options for your Original Medicare coverage, but how do you know which plan is best for you and your needs?

Choosing a Medicare Supplement Plan

The Medigap plan that will work best for you will ultimately depend on the type of coverage you need alongside your Original Medicare coverage. Keep in mind that these plans will not provide prescription drug coverage, but fortunately, you can be enrolled in a standalone Part D plan that will help provide that coverage for you.

We have provided an in-depth Medigap coverage chart so you can get a better idea of the coverage each plan provides. As you can see, Plan A and B are the two most basic plans available and will cost the least. On the other hand, Plans F and G will provide the most coverage, but in turn, they will be the most expensive.

**Plans C and F are the only two Medigap plans that provide coverage for the Part B deductible. However, these plans are only available to those who became eligible for Medicare before January 1, 2020.

Which Medigap Plan Is Right For You?

Selecting a Medicare Supplement plan comes down to understanding your anticipated medical needs and the price you can afford on a monthly basis for coverage. A Medicare expert can help you find that balance and choose a Medigap plan that meets all of your needs. Contact Innovative Senior Benefits today to learn more.

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